From hero to zero

The car was doing excellently. A whole Summer down without a single problem: a rare occurrence for a classic car! There were no major oil leaks, no rust, no damage. The car proudly stood on the grassy showground with gleaming paintwork and chrome. Into the Autumn  were still no problems – the clutch made a bit of a noise but no more than that. This soon changed.

We were on our way to the enjoyable Speech House vintage show in the forest of dean. No big roads, such as the B4229. Barrelling along the country lanes, the unstressed engine was lovely and fluffy. We got along to a narrow section when, scarily, a horsebox was snaking along the road. We dived into a hedge as far as we dared, but it wasn’t enough. We hit the wing of the horsebox and scarcely drove underneath the tipping trailer; the car behind wasn’t quite so lucky. We were fortunate that we didn’t have the trailer land on us unlike him.

The car is at a local body shop being repaired.

Brimfield Vintage Working Day 2016

Taking a Mini to an agricultural working day.


Kington Vintage

1Yet another localish show.

There was a Road Run advertised for the Sunday, so we thought it would be fun to take part.


Three Cocks 2016

Another nice local show for us, in Hay-On-Wye.  Even if I didn’t like driving (which I do…) then we are spoilt by about 7 shows within around a 20 mile radius.


South Cerney

First run out post water leak was a relatively big one. More

Sprung a leak!

Coming back from Much Marcle the temperature was appreciably rising.

Back home it took 1.5 litres of water.  Oops! More

Much Marcle 2016

Brilliant local rally.  Managed to use mainly single track roads for an interesting route through. More

The Rally in the Valley

Never visited this show before, let alone exhibited.  Normally it clashes with Much Marcle, but as there are 5 weekends in July this year then everything is slightly different.


Lister Tyndale Rally

A 50 mile trip, but this show is worth it for the views alone! More

Bromyard Gala

Nice local show, bit muddy to start with.  Brilliant fun all round.